[TowerTalk] New Antennas

Tony Osman tony.osman at xplornet.com
Fri Feb 22 07:18:02 EST 2008

I have watched with great interest, all the debates that have taken 
place on this reflector and now I have a question to pose to the many 
knowledgeable people here.  I am looking to put up low band antennas 
with the primary focus on Contesting and Dxing.  I do not have a huge 
lot, but do have about 100ft by 200ft available that runs NE/SW in the 
longer direction.  My first question is:  Which would be the better 
array for 40m - four square or 3 element vertical array?  (My tower will 
only be at 65ft and I think either of these arrays will be better than a 
shorty 40m beam).  Second question: Would there be any ill-effect if I 
put a centre element in the four square that is trapped for 80/160m.  
Looking to have a 65ft vertical for 80m that is trapped at the top to 
allow top loading via wires for 160m.  Distance from centre of all of 
this would be approx 100ft from house.


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