[TowerTalk] Lightning Suppression applications for wire antennas

Alain Michel opalockamishabob at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 23:01:49 EST 2008

Hello All,

I'm a rookie here and I am always intrigued by the many subjects and helpful replies I've read. None more so than lightning protection.

I have a 204' dipole up about 40'. When I had the rig in the garage, it was no challenge to just disconnect the coax from the rig at the slightest threat of a storm. Recently, I brought the rig into the house and no longer have that luxury, having added 50' of coax through the rafters, via a barrel connector. I plan on utilizing a PolyPhaser unit for protection.

The original RG8X coax from the G5RV terminates right outside the patio, 15' from the house. There is a strip of moist soil, 5' wide and 100' long which runs the patio's length. It is here where I plan to plant my ground rod[s].

I've got a heavy duty, weather-proof plastic landscape control housing that I planned to loop the coax through and secure the Polyphaser unit. This would keep everything moisture free. 

I am seeking your advise on how to connect all these parts to successfully make my efforts as effective as possible. 

All suggestions will be most gratefully received!


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