[TowerTalk] Rohn 45/55/65 vs. AB-105 or Stainless 25?

Larry Schimelpfenig larryk7sv at comcast.net
Fri Feb 29 18:37:02 EST 2008


I've spent a lot of time on 25, 45, 55 and AB105. I find working on Rohn 
tower to be much easier than working on 105 largely due to the horizontal 
braces on all three sides of the Rohn all the way up. 25 is ok for smaller 
stuff, but 45 and 55 with the wider spacing between legs is easier to deal 

Having said that, 105 can frequently be obtained at better prices than 45 
and 55 and is sturdy.

The other cosideration is construction. My group of cronies can stack 45 and 
55 much faster than stick buidling 105.

If cost isn't a large consideration, I'd go with 55!

73 de Larry K7SV 

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