[TowerTalk] 160 meter inverted V

Jwpjj at aol.com Jwpjj at aol.com
Mon Jan 7 19:44:20 EST 2008

Well here it goes, Big Ir Vertical, 90' from the house, 60 radials, fed  from 
ameritron remote switch box, 60' away with LMR-400 cable, vswr almost flat  
across all bands 10 - 80m. OCFED dipole, 100' from house, rated for 3k at  45' 
fed from remote switch box with 60' RG8x. vswr again pretty low across  all 
bands. I run a kw into either antenna and no problems anywhere inside  the shack 
or house.  Now I installed a 160 mtr inverted V at 70' apex,  ends run ne-sw, 
its 100' from house, 30 feet from remote switch and feed  with RG8X. 
Everything in the shack is grounded, directly to ground rod  about 4 ft away from main 
operating area. I can't even run a 100 watts into the  160m inverted V, it 
makes the double oven go crazy, on Cw and ssb it goes beep,  beep beep. I have 
to reset it (the oven). So am I missing something here,  or is it my top band 
operation will give in to the double oven whims.  
Any help would be appreciated to get me on one of my favorite bands. 
Thanks,   John 

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