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The question of the "best way" is not easy to answer as each has trade offs.  
The best MATCH can be made with a gamma match, but adds extra complexity, and 
mechanical problems as a result of how to support the matching system.  The 
extra contact with the element wire can also create another potential stress 
point.    Matching cables (odd quarterwave 75ohm cable) is very simple, usually 
very effective and usually only needed on 10.12 and 15m if constant spacing 
for each band is used.  So it depends on the "compromise" you are willing to 
live with - perfect match, maybe more cost and maintainace, or good enough match 
and very stable cable system of matching.
Hygain had a tri-band quad with separate gamma matches and a single common 
feed.  Lots of interaction getting it tuned, but simplified the feed to just one 
coax, and no need for a remote antenna switch.
Norm W4QN
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Quad antenna matching which is best gamma match
or using coax matching sections for bands that need it.
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Trying to decide which way is the best way to go with my large 6el Quad 


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