[TowerTalk] 160/80m Inverted L dualband design

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Jul 2 21:17:59 EDT 2008

Hi Pat  I'm using a KW-80 coil from Unidilla here.  It works really well.  I 
have my anenna set up as an inverted L and am very pleased with it.  I have 
it set for the CW band and the SWR is low on both 80 and 160 in the CW band.

I just put up an 80 meter vertical, then put the 80 meter trap on top of 
that, then about a 42 foot piece of wire +- a few feet to get resonance.  73 
and GL

>I am contemplating the construction of a dual band inverted L for 160 and 
>80 meters.  If you have input, I would certainly love to hear it.
> 73
> Pat N0HR

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