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Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
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Interesting.  Let me tell you my story.  In late February, 2008, I
ordered a couple of keyer chips after receiving a quick response to my
email.  When the order did not arrive I began sending emails asking
about the order.  When I didn't get a response, I phoned and left a
message, nothing.  I also sent an email to Rob's dad with no response.
I was going to Dayton so I figured that I would wait and talk to Rob
there.  Idiom Press did have a table and I did speak with Rob.  He
apologized and told me that he was having some problems getting going in
this new business for him.  I gave him a copy of my emails and he said
he would look after it.  Well a month after Dayton and still nothing.
Like you I have sent an email (no reply) and phoned (no one answers)
many times.
Does anyone know what is really going on with Rob and Idiom Press?


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Thanks for the response but I probably didn't post clearly.  I know
Idiom Press phone number and email.  It is on their page at

But, I have left numerous messages on the phone and email and even
talked to the owner's Father (the person who started Idiom Press) and he
said he would pass the message to his son.  Perhaps he is too busy to
process orders or got sick.  Just wondered if anyone knew? Hope all is
well with him.

Their web page:


And in e-ham the kit to turn the Ham IV/Tailtwister into a hands free
rotator control box is very highly spoken of but I can't seem to talk to
Idiom Press about them?

73 de N5PHT, Gary

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