[TowerTalk] Rotator question

Rob Locher W7GH rob at idiompress.com
Thu Jul 3 12:44:14 EDT 2008

Gary N5PHT said:

> Greetings,
> I am considering the Idiom Press modification kit for the T2X / HamIV
> rotators.  Does anyone know how to reach Idiom Press?
> Been leaving messages since Dayton and no response?
> Hope this is not considered off topic.
> 73 de N5PHT, Gary

Greetings all,

This is Rob, W7GH from Idiom Press.  I took over the day-to-day running of  
the business from my father Bob W9KNI several months ago.

I've made several rookie mistakes in running Idiom Press.  I made the  
mistake of not having enough inventory at Dayton this year, and I've been  
dealing with a backlog ever since.  I've been working like crazy to catch  
up, and I should be caught up by the end of next week.

I realize that I've been difficult to reach lately, and I apologize to all  
the people whom I've inconvenienced.  Once I'm caught up, then customer  
service will be much more prompt.  In the meantime I'm doing the best that  
I can.

- Rob W7GH
Idiom Press

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