[TowerTalk] Rohn House Bracket and Stucco Siding

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Looking at how they attach wooden lattice patio covers around here (Thousand Oaks, in Southern California), the typical scheme (as shown on the drawing from the building department) is a 2x8 lag bolted through the stucco into the studs or horizontal beams behind it. (The patio cover is often at the height of the lintel beam across the top of doors/windows).  The patio covers have to be able to take live loads of people escaping through second story windows above the cover.

As you say, you put flashing or silicone sealer above the beam to keep water from going behind the ledger board.  You could remove the stucco first, but almost everyone just puts the assembly flat on the stucco surface. 

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>Stucco isn't particularly common in my area.  What is the proper way to
>attach a house bracket to a building with stucco siding?  This is cement
>stucco over metal lathing -- not EIFS.
>Of course, following the manufacturer's specifications is the way to go.
>Radian *does* show the bracket attached directly to the exterior siding
>-- however the diagram shows horizontal overlapping siding -- not
>stucco.  Do I bolt right through the stucco?  Do I put a backer between
>the bracket and the stucco?  Do I remove the stucco and put in a
>properly flashed ledger board to bolt through?
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