[TowerTalk] 3 el bobtail for 80 meters

Dan Zimmerman N3OX n3ox at n3ox.net
Sat Jul 5 08:33:22 EDT 2008

>Assuming you could efficiently match it and deliver power to it.
>Figure 3dB loss in that scheme, and you'd net out with 7 or 8 dB fwd

Why would you have 3dB loss in your matching scheme?!

Bolt a 750 watt electrical heater to a decent-Q tank coil sometime and see
how long you want to hold it.  Then make a parallel tank circuit with it to
match your half-wave vertical and feed 1500W to it.  Does it get that hot?

Matching high impedances like voltage feeding a bobtail doesn't necessarily
give you 1dB, 2dB or 3dB loss.  It could give you 0.2dB loss or 0.05dB
loss.  We don't have to assume that matching networks are significantly,
measurably lossy all of the time or most of the time.  If done well, the
loss can really be negligible.


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