[TowerTalk] rotor control cable and the bulkhead....?

Chad WE9V chad.we9v at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 14:00:55 EDT 2008

I also prefer the Polyphaser products, but just to give you another
alternative, see the ICE products:

And for those of us who still like to homebrew and/or save some money,
if you look at the I.C.E. datasheet, it pretty much spells out what
device they are using.  A MOV (metal oxide varistor) with 50VAC,
66VDC, 4.5KA peak current.  A quick look at Digikey shows a similar
MOV for $4.23 for quantity 10.  See
 I purchased a ton of these along with an old fashioned barrier
terminal strip, connected one end of the MOV to the barrier strip, the
other end to a buss bar connected to station ground (my metal bulkhead
station entrance) via a very short lead.

Chad WE9V

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