[TowerTalk] To Shunt feed or Not to Shunt feed??

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Mon Jul 7 18:13:27 EDT 2008

H'mmm, that's a pretty broad statement.

How about people who don't have antenna analyzers?  Don't put up antennas?

I been putting antenns up for over 50 years and only had an analyzer for the 
last 2 years.  For the first 25 years didn't even have a SWR bridge. 
Somehow they seemed to work.  Had to tweak them a time or 2 to get them to 
work.  Built beams, quads, phased verticals, etc.  73

> Absolutely correct.  I would not start any antenna project without an
> antenna analyzer.  I put up a ham stick dipole this weekend, as a
> temporary and portable project,  and it would have been impossible to
> tune it without an analyzer.
> Just MY take....  Happy trails and 73.    ----  Richards - K8JHR ----
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> AD5VJ Bob wrote:
>> Would I be wasting allot of time and effort if I started this (not so) 
>> little project without anything to measure impedance or an
>> antenna analyzer to measure tuning? Also where does one get the capacitor 
>> necessary for the shunt feed?
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