[TowerTalk] [Amps] Silver Strap

chasm at texas.net chasm at texas.net
Tue Jul 8 13:18:51 EDT 2008

Bob Maser wrote:
> Anyone have some silver strap they can spare?  I need enough to make a 10M 
> coil for the B&W 852 and need some to route the RF around.  5 feet would do 
> me.  It should be ±1/2" wide and ±.040" thick but beggars can't be choosey.
>  Bob W6TR 

I never know when you guys are kidding... I ASSUME that you all are 
actually talking about braided cable, copper which has been "tinned"?
Obviously, anything made of copper will take plating easily but i have 
never actually looked at my "silver" braided strap to see how it 
obtained that color.

please edumacate the less worldly on the list please.
73 de chas/k5dam

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