[TowerTalk] To Shunt feed or Not to Shunt feed??

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Tue Jul 8 16:35:48 EDT 2008

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>  How about people who don't have antenna analyzers?   Don't put up antennas?

>  I been putting antennas up for over  50 years and only had an analyzer for 
last 2 years.  For the  first 25 years didn't even have a SWR bridge. 
Somehow they seemed to  work.  Had to tweak them a time or 2 to get them to 
work.  Built  beams, quads, phased verticals, etc.  73

Ah, ignorance is bliss,  isn't it? 
        When I put up my first  antenna almost 40 years ago, I had no idea 
what swr was. Did I work people?  Sure. It was an 807 with a pi network so it 
didn't really care. Would I be  more interested now? You bet. But I'm not as 
myopic on swr as some people are. 
        SWR is THE default ham  antenna parameter since it's the ONLY THING 
Steve    K7LXC
PS - I carry 2 MFJ analyzers with me now. Expectations are higher now. 

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