[TowerTalk] Measuring ground resistance

Noid Wilson noid at baycrestfl.com
Tue Jul 8 19:46:27 EDT 2008

Dear TT'ers,



Looking for a little insight from your experience.  I have used many meters
to measure the final 'network' resistance number for grounding.  Clamp
meters, quad push resistance, triple clips, etc but I am in the midst of
ensuring that the final install with the tower, vertical, and SE is the
lowest value obtainable.


>From the AEMC clamp models to meggers-which measure available lowest
potential to other various varieties- wondered about the hard core who use
them on a regular basis.


What makes it the best?  Yeah it may be $1500.. but pro's and cons.


I would like to dissect my whole ground system as I build it and after. can
someone point me to some good meters?




Noid Wilson

Tampa, FL


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