[TowerTalk] Cage dipoles

George Gorsline VE3YV ve3yv at pathcom.com
Wed Jul 9 08:58:45 EDT 2008

John - Suggest you tie the two dipoles together with a piece of ladder line and then hook the balun and feedline to it.  You may have to reduce the lengths of the dipoles a bit.  Elegant it's not, but should work reasonably well.  GL


73,  George VE3YV / K8HI

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From: "John Hudson" <jd_hudson at comcast.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 10:27 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] CATV hardline question and cage dipoles

I've came into a length of 75 ohm ?" hardline and wanted to use it to feed a
pair of cage dipoles for 80 meter and 40 meters, supported by the same tower
assembly at 60-65' high and the hardline would be approx an 145 feet run.
Could it, would it or should it be able to feed both dipoles with the one
feed line into a "T" connector or some other assembly with a 50 ohm feed
line to each dipole?

Now just for discussion purposes both dipoles would be used and supported
approx 5-6 apart from each other. It will be possible to lower one from the
other if need to be.

If this is not possible then the 80 meter cage could be used only but both
antennas are already built and ready to be strung up..

PLUS I'll be using the hardline to feed a TA-33/40m and a 17M monobander
with an Ameritron remote switch on a crankup and also feeding a hombrew
Hytower project

Thanks for any help and or suggestions



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