[TowerTalk] Tri-Ex WT-51 Electric Winch with Pulldown Mechanismand RMC-1000

Dan Hearn dhearn at air-pipe.com
Wed Jul 9 15:47:21 EDT 2008

Actually the dangling pull down cable is attached to the bottom of the top
section and comes down inside the tower. I lower the tower in 15-20 ft steps
and then pull the cable outside the tower at the bottom. I also pull the
coaxes out at the same time. Believe me, side wind force can cause a tower
section to stick in spite of its weight. It has happened to me. Of course if
you wait until the wind ceases you have no problem. If the section sticks
and you continue lowering, it will come loose and cause a big jerk on the
cable.  I believe a remotely controlled tower, that you can not see, without
power pull down, is a potential disaster situation.
73, Dan, N5AR
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Dan Hearn wrote:
>   I think it is foolhardy to raise or lower a crankup when you are not
> watching it and in control of the operation. I have had a coax snag and
> in two even when I am watching but not as observant as I should be.
>   73, Dan, N5AR

Could not agree more.  still not sure why a pulldown is necessary as
gravity should certainly handle it and as Dan states, if you are not
out there to the side walking around with the remote in your hand, you
are likely to bung up your alignment or suffer other mishaps. I do
like the idea of a line hanging from the mast base to put pressure
against the wind.  really like this list.

I am still trying to find a 110VAC winch for about the same price as
the 12VAC with remote sold by Stanley or Masterlock, I forget
which..about $70.00  I suppose I could use my emcomm battery set to
run the winch since the 110V is just NOT going to be found.<G>.

73de chas/k5dam


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