[TowerTalk] Problem with MFJ 259B - won't measure X

Robert Katz rob.katz at thelegacycenter.com
Wed Jul 9 19:58:08 EDT 2008

I'm trying to cut some 40m 1/2 wavelength lines of 300 ohm ladder line using
my MFJ 259B, and I noticed an odd problem.  When adjusting the frequency
(the line was shorted at the far end), the reading was always X=0.  The R
value did change by expected amounts.

I tested this on my tribander, and noticed similar results.  While I did get
X > 0 for some frequency ranges, never did I get X > 25 from 1.0 - 30.0 Mhz.
I have had the analyzer for several years and it has worked fine.

Surely something is wrong.  Ideas on what the problem might be?

I, and my soon-to-be 40m wire yagi and 160m inverted-L, thank you in

   Rob KA1ARB

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