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>Dan Hearn wrote:
> >   I think it is foolhardy to raise or lower a crankup when you are not
> > watching it and in control of the operation. I have had a coax 
> snag and pull
> > in two even when I am watching but not as observant as I should be.
> >   73, Dan, N5AR
>Could not agree more.  still not sure why a pulldown is necessary as
>gravity should certainly handle it


I had a Triex W-67 and found that when the tower was fully extended, 
the top section would bind during a "pull down" and not retract. The 
top cable would go slack and the section would not lower.

I solved it by cobbling up a positive pull down with a length of 
aircraft cable attached to the bottom of the top section, a pulley at 
the base and my come-a-long. I would tension the top section and 
lower. Re-tension and then lower
a bit more.

All installations are different. I attributed mine to the top section 
"tilting" a bit when extended even thought the installation was plumb.

73, Craig Clark, K1QX

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