[TowerTalk] What is..."Pointed Tower vs Flat"

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I've also seen a few short (ie. 50 feet high or less) guyed comercial towers using a pointed base (although most guyed comercial towers in this size range that I have seen have also had a flat base.)   I believe the pointed base is often referred to as a pier pin base.   
I'm curious if any one has any insight into what the advantages (if any) would be of using a pointed base for a short guyed tower.

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Most BIG commercial towers are the kind that come to point at the  bottom.  
This design helps to reduce torque stress on a tower (I  think).  Most ham 
towers are "flat" on the bottom.
The pointed ones use a "pin" of some sort and require guying of some
from the first section.  The flat ones eventually require guying at some 
 I prefer the flat type since it is easy to temporarily remove a set  of guy 
wires to slide an antenna up the side of a tower.  One can not do  that with 
the pointed type since it must be continuously guyed.
W2GD was recently injured by riding down 30 feet of tower that was 
by a pin.  Accidents can and do happen on both types of  tower.

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