[TowerTalk] Serving Tool for guy wire

AD5VJ Bob rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
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The issue is the 2004 issue PG 438, not that long ago really.
Only 4 years old.

They are showing how to install the three cable clamps, thimbles and then wrapping the guy wire back on itself:

The directions say:

1) leave 14" of dead cable
2) unwind one strand from dead cable applying serving tool, and wrap 6 times around
3) unwrap second strand from dead cable, apply serving tool, and wrap 6 times around, repeat with each remaining strand.
4) Completed connection clipped and served each strand wound around guy cable six times
5) Retighten cable clamps after initial tension has been applied.

I did now find a serving tool in the catalogue page 354 CST1 says it weighs three pounds. So it may very well be the 12" inch long
tool you used in the service. Looks like it would take a little getting used to in order to do it correctly.

Bob AD5VJ 

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> AD5VJ Bob wrote:
> > In reading the ROHN cat it talks about a serving tool used 
> to wrap the 
> > guy wire back onto itself and around and around as a part of 
> > installing the guy wire. I can not seem to find a 'serving 
> tool' for this purpose anywhere on the internet does anyone 
> know where to find one?
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> Good grief! How old is that catalog? From my days in the 
> Coast Guard, I remember my CG manual showing how to use a 
> serving tool but never actually saw one. It's used to form an 
> "eye" in the end of wire rope.
> It's time consuming to do correctly and dangerous if done incorrectly.
> There are much better ways to do it today. Wire rope clamps, 
> Nicopress sleeves and preformed guy grips are quicker and easier.
> I think the reason you can't find one is that no one uses 
> them anymore!
> 73, Roger
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