[TowerTalk] Electronic Dog Containment Fence Noisy?

Les Kalmus w2lk at bk-lk.com
Fri Jul 11 12:36:17 EDT 2008

I have had one of these systems made by DogWatch in operation for 3 years.
It is 2-3 thousand feet in circumference and runs about 75-100 feet away 
from the tower which is outside the circle.

All of these units can be adjusted to increase/decrease their signal 
strength which determines how close the animal can get to the wire 
before getting zapped.
All my antennas except the inverted L on 160 are clustered at or near 
the tower with no noise as far as I can tell with the signal keeping the 
dog about 20-25 feet from the wire.
This is a _Very Strong_ signal which I have since reduced to give her 
more room to roam.

I often run the legal limit in contests or DXing and have had no reports 
of unexpected "corrections" from my dog : )

However, I have been with my dog when she was sniffing around near an 
exposed CATV hardline where it emerged from the ground before being run 
into the house.
On two occasions she got zapped so whatever radiation is on the shield 
triggered the dog's unit. She was 2-3 feet from the hardline both times.
The hardline has been completely buried since, so this should not reoccur.

Les W2LK

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL wrote:
> My neighbor, across the road, is thinking of installing an electronic 
> dog containment fence.  He, very kindly, asked if it would interfere 
> with my radio activity.   Unfortunately, I don't have a clue!  Have any 
> of you had experience with these things?  Do they cause interference?  
> I'm sure they aren't supposed to or allowed to by the FCC.  However, 
> between the electric fences in the area, arcing insulators, etc., I 
> really don't want another noise maker added to the mix.
> 73,
> Ken - K4XL

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