[TowerTalk] Electronic Dog Containment Fence Noisy?

N7US jim at n7us.net
Fri Jul 11 16:20:30 EDT 2008

We have an Invisible Fence, which is a system sold and installed by
franchisees.  Before we bought it I had a clause inserted into the contract
that the dealer would be responsible for resolving any RFI.  I did have some
noise from it, so they brought out a Corcom 10VK6 filter on the output.
That solved the problem, even though they installed it backwards (I fixed
that).  I don't know what frequency Invisible Fence uses, but I think they
told me it was very low (competition for WWVB?).

One of our dogs doesn't wear the receiver/collar any more, and the
adventurous one wears his inside out, so he hears the high frequency sound
it makes before it would zap him.  The sound is enough to keep him home.
I've never heard he tone when I transmit, so don't think I bother it.

Jim N7US

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My neighbor, across the road, is thinking of installing an electronic 
dog containment fence.  He, very kindly, asked if it would interfere 
with my radio activity.   Unfortunately, I don't have a clue!  Have any 
of you had experience with these things?  Do they cause interference?  
I'm sure they aren't supposed to or allowed to by the FCC.  However, 
between the electric fences in the area, arcing insulators, etc., I 
really don't want another noise maker added to the mix.
Ken - K4XL

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