[TowerTalk] Served cable ends

don daso k4za at juno.com
Fri Jul 11 16:41:49 EDT 2008

Earlier this year (a few weeks before he became a SK), I did some
maintainence work for N4UH.  

Three of his six towers had served ends on some of the Crosby-clipped EHS
guy wires.  ALL of those cables had rusted quite badly--the served ends
of the cable had very clearly trapped moisture over their 30 year life,
enough so that the cable was in need of replacement, or 2 - 3 feet of it
was anyway.  

Henry was impressed when I installed StrandLinks & a new "end" of EHS. 
And he really liked the Preformed Guy Grips!  A few weeks later I was
dismantling the entire station....

vy 73 Don K4ZA

Tower Works
Charlotte  NC
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