[TowerTalk] 20/40 Meter Rotatable Dipole

Gary "Joe" Mayfield gary_mayfield at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 12 05:58:47 EDT 2008

Is someone making a 20/40 meter rotatable dipole?

My father has a real nice Force 12 beam for 10 and 15 meters mounted at 50
feet on a hazer.  He has no desire to replace the beam, but would like
something rotatable to mount on the same mast above it for 20 and 40 meters.
Is there a product like that out there?

Would it be a problem if we mounted the dipole to run the same direction as
the boom of the beam?  I don't see how the hazer could go up and down the
tower with dipole running the same direction as the beam elements.

Thanks and 73,
Joe kk0sd

For Gary wa0eaf

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