[TowerTalk] 2 HAMS died in Kansas City

Scott Honaker scotthon at pilchuckvet.com
Mon Jul 14 12:19:58 EDT 2008

The NCVEC at http://www.ncvec.org/ controls the content of the question
pools.  They also accept question suggestions on that page.  With all the
"dumbing down" of ham radio comments, it's easy to believe that's true.  In
reality, there is an entire section on RF, electrical and tower safety now
on the exam (that wasn't on my exam).  I have included two appropriate
questions from the current Technician exam below.  Maybe the FCC should
require retesting :-).  It certainly doesn't hurt to review the material and
that's why we're all members of this group.  Perhaps the new hams will
remember this information from their tests and keep old-timers safe so we
won't see similar tragedies in the future.

Scott N7SS

T0B06 (D) What is the most important safety precaution to observe when
putting up an antenna tower?
D. Look for and stay clear of any overhead electrical wires

T0B08 (D) What is a safe distance from a power line to allow when installing
an antenna?
D. So that if the antenna falls unexpectedly, no part of it can come closer
than 10 feet to the power wires

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Perhaps we should encourage the ARRL to encourage the FCC to put more  
related antenna safety questions on the FCC Tests.
Dick- K9OM

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