[TowerTalk] CDE AR-40 Oddity

butwheat butwheat73 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 19:04:23 EDT 2008


I recently was given an old CDE rotor, I'm thinking it's an AR-40, as it has
the familiar bell housing for the motor, but the lay flat on the table
control with the old fashioned clicketyclik as it passes stops.

When given to me I was told it didn't stop at the limits, and that's true,
and I'm interested in that.

I could live with that alone, but now I find that it has another oddity. It
always stops short of where it's been commanded. If I start with, say,
north, and command it to south, it stops 30-45 degrees short. This happens
in both directions and no matter how far it's commanded.

Now THAT makes it pretty useless, eh?

What's up wid dat? Please?



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