[TowerTalk] tower disassembly

jim Jarvis jimjarvis at optonline.net
Tue Jul 15 04:55:35 EDT 2008


We're taking down 70' of rohn 25g, with a foldover section @ 30'.

The tower is presently folded over, and has had antennas and rotor  
so it's in the shape of a carot, or upside down V.

Rather than play with old, loose guy wires,  I'm inclined to cut a  
leg on this
thing, and pull it over.    We have a clear, level fall zone, and  
plenty of work
room outside of that, for human safety, when it goes.

As I see it,  the weight of the hinge section, plus three upper  
sections, will exceed
the rating of a Rohn ginpole.   In order to disassemble this, we have  
to bring it to vertical,
and take it apart one section at a time.   This will require re- 
guying, as I don't trust what I see.

Does anyone think that cutting one leg, and pulling on a guy isn't  
the most efficient way to go?

About the only concern is that the foldover back-boom is not in the  
plane of the direction we would
drop the tower.   It would strike first, and could damage the boom,  
or the hinge.
As a variant, we MIGHT be able to get at the top section, and remove  
it...which would allow the
section above the fold to go to vertical, and thus move the back-boom  
away from harm.

Comments on-reflector, please.

And thank you.


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