[TowerTalk] tower takedown

jim Jarvis jimjarvis at optonline.net
Tue Jul 15 17:05:07 EDT 2008


Thanks to all who commented on the 25g takedown.    I got a couple of  
good ideas, and
a few important reminders/caveats about safety and the value of  
bucket trucks.
I value those.

For the curious, here's the plan of action:

1) remove the mast and top section, while the top portion of the  
tower is folded to ground.
This will allow the upper section to move vertical, adjacent to the  
lower section, and can be
done by standing on a small stepladder.    (upper is 36', lower is 32').

2)  Lash upper section to lower section, and proceed with removal, in  
the downward,
gravity-assisted direction.    We should be able to pull the two  
straight sections out by
going no higher than 20'.    They may come out in one piece.

3)  When we've removed those upper 2 sections, restore the hinged  
section to locked, vertical.

4)  attach  one guy to a frame-harness on a van or pickup truck,  and  
cut the leg
nearest the truck.

5)  Pull the tower over, along the face of 2 legs, away from the  
truck,  using the truck to control the rate of descent.

In my opinion, the tower is not entirely safe.   It seems stable  
enough, but it's compromised by
lower section ice damage (sistered, welded...but?) ,.    If you stand  
on it and wiggle, it SEEMS solid
enough,  but I wouldn't want to add the stress of ginpole,  jack,  
banging, etc.,  if I were aloft.
We have to cut the legs off at the foundation when we're done,  
anyway, so why risk it?

There is a body of opinion which says, once you have the two sections  
vertical and lashed, just
pull it over, and don't risk yourselves.   A large part of me  
concurs, although I think that will put more
stress on the  "unobtanium hinge".

If the hinge survives,  I'll be happy.   I have more 25G to replace  
the old or damaged sections with.

Thanks, again, to all who ventured an opinion, suggestions, and caution.

And, before you remind me what happens after 45 degrees, I know.    
I've dropped 100' of 25g this
way, without a problem.    Although, the guy in the truck said it was  
an exciting ride, once the mass of
the tower took over, and started dragging the truck.   The mere 30'  
or so, in this case,  shouldn't be much of a challenge.

73/ N2EA

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