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>  We're taking down 70' of rohn 25g, with a foldover section @  30'.

>  The tower is presently folded over, and has had  antennas and rotor  
so it's in the shape of a carot, or  upside down V.

>  Rather than play with old, loose guy  wires,  I'm inclined to cut a  
leg on this
thing, and pull it  over.    We have a clear, level fall zone, and  
plenty of  work
room outside of that, for human safety, when it  goes.

>  As I see it,  the weight of the hinge section,  plus three upper  
sections, will exceed
the rating of a Rohn  ginpole.   In order to disassemble this, we have  
to bring  it to vertical,
and take it apart one section at a time.    

Yep. It's kind of a pain but not really that  difficult - especially the 25G 
>  This will require re-guying, as I don't trust what I  see.

    It should be guyed in 4 directions just below the  hinge per Rohn 
instructions so I'm not sure why you'd have to re-guy it  unless it was installed 

>  Does anyone think that  cutting one leg, and pulling on a guy isn't  
the most efficient way  to go?
    Efficient - yes. Fast - yes. 

>   About the only concern is that the foldover back-boom is not in the   
plane of the direction we would
drop the tower.   It would  strike first, and could damage the boom,  
or the hinge.
    You're talking about chopping it down. OF COURSE  just about everything 
will get damaged to some extent. 

>  As a variant, we MIGHT be able to get at the top section,  and remove  
it...which would allow the
section above the fold to  go to vertical, and thus move the back-boom  
away from  harm.

    Sure. Just be sure to put a tagline on the top  section to keep it under 
control on its way up. 
    All of your scenarios will work. Just be  careful.
Cheers & GL,
Steve    K7LXC 


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