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jim Jarvis jimjarvis at optonline.net
Wed Jul 16 12:35:15 EDT 2008

A wt51 is probably too heavy to allow on top of a truck cab,  

Similarly, in a layover situation, that 400 lbs (if that's the  
correct weight)... will be
amplified by a 10' lever,  and you'll apply 4000 ft-lbs of  
overturning moment to the
back of the truck.    I see disaster written all over that plan.     
More, below:

I snipped out parts of Floyd's comments:

Floyd, kc5qbc,  wrote:

  What you would be better off doing is taking a look for the falling  
derrick procedure which has been metioned here in the archives to  
lower the tower.

I would generally recommend only using the truck as an anchor point  
and doing the lowering work with a come-a-long from as high up the  
tower as practical assuming it has a tilt base.

I would caution against using a manlift as a crane because it was not  
designed for that purpose.

Not knowing your skillset in contruction engineering, if it feels  
questionable at all, simply let a professional handle the takedown,  
the risks are
  just not worth it.

To which I will append:   There are no free towers.
Taking down old iron is dangerous.
Renting a proper truck for transport is cheap.
Renting a crane, while pricey, may be the only safe way to handle  
high iron, in a confined space.

And finally,  the falling derrick is a worthwhile technique for  
layover, as Floyd suggested.
Even 10' of 25g and a come-along would mitigate the risks, if you  
have a clear layover path.


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