[TowerTalk] Cushcraft A3S trap question

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I rebuilt a TA-33 about 15 years ago. It didn't have any of the colored marks as mentioned in the manual - they had long ago faded away, so I really didn't know which coil went where. But the manual does have the listing for how many turns are on each end of every coil in all of the  traps, and from that I was able to determine the proper coil placement and direction after cleaning them up, inside and out. After cleaning up and reassembling the antenna, it really worked well. 

I don't know if Cushcraft did the same in their manuals, by giving as much trap detail as the Mosley manual did.

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>Tom Anderson wrote:
>> Ray, et. al:
>> If you'll go to the Cushcraft web site and click on
>> the tech issues drop down menu you'll find another
>> menu for installation manuals in PDF format.  You can
>> download them or print them out.  Its even got manuals
>> Cushcraft no longer manufactures.
>> http://www.cushcraft.com/Installation-Manuals.asp
>> Hope this helps.
>> 73 de 
>> Tom, WW5L
>I wish I could find a manual in that detail for the Mosely TA-33
>shoot, I cannot even find colored marks on the elements and boom to 
>see where to do what and with which <G>
>I need a tech manual with dimensions so that I can take a caliper and 
>match what is on the garage floor with what is on the paper.
>de chas k5dam
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