[TowerTalk] terminating cables and guy lines, nico and alternatives

Roger (K8RI) K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Wed Jul 16 19:50:12 EDT 2008

chasm at texas.net wrote:
> Bob Maser wrote:
>> Why spray at all?  Maybe if you live close to salt water but otherwise it's 
>> been my feeling that all that sticky s&%t just attracts airborne particles. 
>> 15 years for a set of galvanized aircraft wire rope left dry.  Making new 
>> cables only costs about $100(if you have the Nicopress crimper).  Another 
>> thing, some towers are constructed so that it is very difficult to get the 
>> cables off the tower sections to lube them. Just MHO.
>>  Bob
> ok, googling so far says that a #51 nico tool is going to cost at 
> least $100 (sounds like radio club equipment<G>) which is likely to be 
> more expensive to me than simply taking my cable specs to a rigger and 
> have a new set of cables for the HG55SS made.
> I would rather do this myself but... looking at the economics of the 
> thing.. unless there is someone in the Houston area with a Nicopress 
> #51 for 3/16" cable... I think that I will get on the phone and call 
> around.  IF I was going to be guying (which would raise the overturn 
> velocity from 50mph for this tower to half again more plus), then I 
> MIGHT have more use for the Nico tool and it might make sense to go 
> ahead and buy the tool.  However, I think I would prefer to use 
> Phillystrand for its decreased detuning of antennas vs wire cables.

If there is a small airport nearby check the FBO (Mechanic) who may be 
able to put the ends on for you. If the cables are pre cut and not used 
in an aircraft they can put the ends on in just a few minutes. (assuming 
you can find a mechanic willing to do it)

Roger (K8RI - ARRL Life Member)
N833R (World's oldest Debonair)

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