[TowerTalk] identify this tower

Steve Sala k7awb at msn.com
Wed Jul 16 19:53:49 EDT 2008

About a month ago, I described a tower for sale locally.  well, I bought it 
and now I need to identify it.  I need to get the instructions on how to 
mount it; it seems like it takes 16 J-type bolts in some amount of concrete. 
I located the original installer (W7RY Jim) and he helped in the history of 
it.  The last installation of it used water pipe from top to bottom to 
rotate it from the ground.  I probably will use the lower 30-40 feet to put 
up a VHF/UHF eme array in the future.  I thought it was Rohn as it looks 
similar.  I put 6 pictures of it on my web site and they can be seen at this 



Steve Sala
licensed since July, 1957
Nine Mile Falls, WA 

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