[TowerTalk] TX RELAYS

David J. Sourdis hk1kxa at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 18 08:55:37 EDT 2008

Hello All,
I need advice on relays. What are the minimum parameters should I look for?
Would the relay in this link work to withstand 1500W or say 2000W to have a safety margin?
I have calculated the following, please correct me if wrong.
I= Square root ( Power/R) = SQRT(2000W/50 ohm) = 6,3 A. Based on this, 10A rating would stand up to 5KW = 50 ohm x 10A^2.
Voltage would be V= I x R = 6,3A x 50 ohm = 315 Volts.
I know it is not the same the ratings for 50 - 60 Hz as it is for 28 MHz...
I would appreciate any guidance on the subject.
73 David  HK1KXAEC5KXA
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