[TowerTalk] It's where you live Re: towers

Greenacres113 at aol.com Greenacres113 at aol.com
Fri Jul 18 15:08:33 EDT 2008

Unfortunately it's where you live. I'm in rural  Tennessee. In the country as 
it's called here. No restrictions on anything. I  currently have 8 small 
[under 55'] towers up.
When we built our home we did  everything above the foundation ourselves. I 
needed a Perk test for a septic  field BEFORE I was allowed electric service. 
Figure that out.  Couldn't get  1 without fist getting the other.The county 
building permit was $20 with NO time  limit ! I was told the county had 2 
building inspectors who were busy with  commercial construction. No time for rural 
residental inspections. The exact  quote was:  Just do a good  job 'cause you 
got to live in it  !
In my county the temp. electric meter used during the building had to be on  
a round post where the next county over it had to be a square post. No  
exceptions. Again figure that out.
In my other life in the Chicago suburbs it  was not so. They wanted fee 
permits if you wanted to paint your house or plant  trees. 
Ever heard of 'the moving away tax'. My suburb charged a fee [ $100]  to 
inspect the house before the new owner moved in. Nothing to do with the real  
estate deal just a way to get a $100 when you left their wonderful town.
In  this rural area I guarantee it's who you know or are related to that 
trumps a  lot of things. But I have the antenna farm I dreamed of....


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