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Sat Jul 19 12:27:47 EDT 2008

I beg to differ...
I changed the baluns on my Telrex Monobanders, and a TB5EM to 1:1 Ferrite Choke Baluns that I built and they are working great with a 1:1 SWR and a max at band edge of 1.6:1 SWR.  They're all down and in stroage right now....moved.
Worked for me, just my experience.
73 from afar, 

I do believe that the Telrex monoband yagis employed the use of a T match in 
the driven element.  The impedance of a T match is not 50 ohms but 400 to 
600 ohms.  You would probably need a 9:1 Balun.  A 1:1 Balun will not work.

Bob W6TR

> Three 29 year old TELREX MONOBAND yagi's are off the towers and on the
> ground for maintenance and repairs.  The factory made and installed coax
> baluns will be replaced.  If the baluns are replaced with a ferrite-bead
> type 1:1 balun such as the Force-12 brand, will the antenna pattern or
> other factors be changed?
> Thanks.
> Bee K4JLD
> k4jld at juno.com
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