[TowerTalk] another stupid guywire question

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Very good question.  In my case, Michael, I just want something with high tensile strength that is comparable with EHS specifications and I found that I could get the galvanized "aircraft cable" with the same tensile strength for about 2/3 of the cost of EHS. Yes, the Phillistrand would be an excellent alternative if I wanted and had the extra cash to spend. I've researched Rohn 25 tower guying specifications on the Rohn site and made my guying decisions based on that.  
OTOH, I live in an area that is subject to high winds from tropical disturbances so I want to try to support the tower as much as I can within financial reason and good common sense. I don't think guywire with higher tensile strength than EHS would have any benefit for me with a 51' tower. If we get a really big blow, survivability of the tower is in question - chances are the tower is going to come down. I plan on insuring it and the rest of my equipment through the insurance plan with the ARRL. End of story.  
73 de K5MLC 

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I've been following the discussion about guy wires with great interest.  The
Phillystrand product is also very interesting. 

Please excuse my ignorance.  How does one go about determining which tensile
strength of Phillystrand (or any other material) is needed for a particular

Michael K5MEF


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