[TowerTalk] Long cable pull

John Ammeter jammeter at cablespeed.com
Sat Jul 19 18:31:17 EDT 2008

You can probably use a "mouse" and a shop vacuum to get the first 
lightweight pull string down the conduit.  Use the lightweight string to 
pull a stronger pull rope.  I've never pulled 500 feet but with 
virtually a straight run I doubt you'll have any trouble.  I'm not sure 
if pulling grease is compatible with RG6 and you probably won't need it 

I used 1 1/2" conduit to run 4 10 gauge conductors with two sharp 90's 
and one gradual 90 bend over 100 feet with no trouble.  Also, 3 12 gauge 
solid conductors 125 feet through a 3/4" conduit with two 90's.  Didn't 
use any pulling grease...


K4SAV wrote:
> After being disappointed in the direct burial method, I am planning on 
> adding some conduit to access my low band receiving antennas.  I have 
> one section of conduit that is 500 feet.  Can I do this with one pull, 
> or will I be wishing a I had added an access box and broken the pull up 
> into two parts? I have never pulled a 500 ft run before.  Since it is 
> unlikely that I will ever want to add another cable into this conduit, I 
> was planning on using 1.5 inch conduit.  The run will be straight except 
> for a couple of very long curves and then the curve at the exit out of 
> the ground at the ends.  I need to pull one run of RG6 and one run of 16 
> ga landscape lightning cable for dc.  
> Before someone suggests sending the dc down the RG6 to eliminate a 
> cable, the dc resistance of 635 ft of RG6 is about 22 ohms.  (It's 625 
> ft total to get to the operating position.)  Besides the RG6 already has 
> dc controls signals on it as well as RF.
> Second question: What is a good method of putting the pull string in a 
> conduit this long?  I have put it there when building the conduit, but 
> that is a pain.  I have used an air compressor to blow a string tied to 
> a rag thru the conduit, but never on a conduit this long.  Is that 
> likely to work?
> Jerry, K4SAV
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