[TowerTalk] Fw: Tower climbers to get their day in the sun

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>  .. 24hr news is what killed the credibility of reporting and  journalist. 
You are right....eyeballs and advertising is what drives  
"news/entertainment" programming, not facts or unbiased or actual  
journalism. Maybe the VOA, PBS and the BBC still provide good news  
reporting.  As one friend in news broadcasting told me regarding this  
thread..."Media freaks and hacks posing as journalists." report the  "news".

>  What gets me is what makes NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX,  CNN, etc. think that real 
news isn't worth watching.  Must be a lot  of stupid/ignorant people in the 
country that watch this  garbage.

>  Scary huh! Maybe that explains why there are so  many idiots elected to 
public office, haha.

This is not a political  forum. Please refrain from these kinds of WAAAAY 
off-topic posts. 
        OTOH thoughtful posts on  tower and HF antenna construction questions 
are always welcome.
Steve    K7LXC

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