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Sun Jul 20 21:19:51 EDT 2008

This may be of interest to the group.

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NBC's "Dateline" to explore the perilous world of tower dogs on July 21

NBC's "Dateline  Presents" says it will take "a never-before-seen journey
into the  hazardous world of the tower climbers who work on the front lines
of America's high-tech communications system." The program, "Tower Dogs,"
will air on  Monday, July 21 at 10:00 PM/EASTERN TIME.

The hour-long broadcast is expected to give an up close and personal
no-holds-barred look at tower dogs' lives - up in the air and on the ground.
"We experience their on-the-job tension and watch them work hard, play hard,
and mourn when they lose one of their own," NBC said in a press release. In
a twist on all the dangerous-job programs that solely feature males,
typically narrated with muscular prose, "Tower Dogs"
follows an unusual tower crew boss: a woman named Nikki Collins, a single
mom, former cheerleader, and the person keeping her tough-guy charges in one
piece. Although there has been a noted increase in tower construction
company owners and climbers that are women they are in a small minority in a
predominately male profession.

The "Dateline" team worked for four months documenting this group of tower
climbers as they worked their way through 40 towns and cities in 24 states.
During this time there were seven fatalities nationwide, including five
deaths in a 12-day period in April. National exposure long overdue, say




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