[TowerTalk] Re Tri-EX Skyneedle TM 5100 R

KG4LRU at aol.com KG4LRU at aol.com
Mon Jul 21 12:11:14 EDT 2008

New to the list hope someone can help , I purchased a used Tm 5100 R   The 
tower has been on the ground for a long time . Currently I have the Tower  
pulled apart replacing all pulley inserts and repairing damage from all the  ground 
moving on The Tower. My concern is re cabling  the Tower  .   So looking for 
someone that has re cabled  and HD Skyneedle .  I have  some cable drawings 
that Tashjian Towers has provide but does not  show a 26 Ft pull down cable and 
its routing . Any one with some info would  be big help.
Phil AI4DQ    502-339-0422  

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