[TowerTalk] Tower Dogs

jim Jarvis jimjarvis at optonline.net
Tue Jul 22 21:17:06 EDT 2008

I couldn't watch more than maybe 5 minutes of this idiocy.
Came in late, as it was... but when they lowered the level on the  
weather side
of the guy below, on that water tower, and were surprised that he got  
smacked in the face,
I had to turn it off.    Any idiot would have lowered it in the lee,  
so that didn't happen.

But we evidently weren't dealing with just any idiot.
This one was friggin special!
It was just too painful to bother watching.

I've been involved with installation of eight 210' guyed towers, and  
one 500' self supporter.
In all cases, the high steel was worked by american indians from  
Pennsylvania and northern
NY state, whose tribe I have now forgotten.    Nobody drank.    
Everybody was dead-nuts serious,
checking and double-checking equipment, and buddy-climbing.

And, I'm sure they were being paid 15 bucks an hour, when their  
employer used $100/hr as
the labor rate.   Which is probably why they were the labor market of  

At any point, did they deal with working in close proximity to 100w  
of 2 GHz signal?
Was RF safety ever raised?


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