[TowerTalk] Tower Dogs

Rick Stealey rstealey at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 23 09:10:11 EDT 2008

>I hope that folks realize that there are dangers in tower work. 

Anyone who watched the show for more than 1 minute realizes that now.  They repeated it at least 200 times during the show.  This show must have been written by a seventh grade journalism class.
Of course this isn't much different than Fox news which can't have a news story without some video running alongside the announcer to demonstrate some simple concept, running the video loop over and over (I've counted 13 continuous loops).  The networks treat viewers as if they are imbiciles or sex starved males (now I understand why the network is called "Fox" - a woman has to be 32 years old, blond, with nice legs and a dress halfway up her leg with her legs crossed and sitting between two men to have a job there).  
So after the first five minutes I got the entire theme of the show and it was then 55 minutes of repetition and commercials.  
Made me think - gee, I should dump this tv, save $45 a month, and b able to afford a new K3 in about 3 years.....


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