[TowerTalk] For Sale: Kit to add 40 meters to Force 12 C-3 antenna

Gene S. k5gs at q.com
Wed Jul 23 18:24:01 EDT 2008

I recently downgraded a Force 12 C-4XL to the core C-3.

For sale are the parts to upgrade a Force 12 C-3 antenna to the C-4XL by 
adding 2 EF-240S elements to the C-3.

Included are:

- two extensions to extend the C-3's boom to 30 feet
- sleeve to attach the new boom pieces to the existing C-3
- two 40 meter elements
- Aluma-wire (used for the linear loading elements)
- 4 shorting bars
- all clamps and major hardware
- boom truss cable and hardware
- copy of C-4XL manual

One of the spreaders was damaged last year when I had the antenna on the 
ground to replace the rotor. It was repaired with stainless cable clamps and 
short piece of copper tubing.

Steps required to install this kit:

- remove 20 meter reflector and its mounting bracket from C-3
- slide supplied sleeve on end of C-3 boom where 20 meter reflector was 
previously attached
- secure sleeve with rivets or screws (not supplied)
- install the previously removed 20 meter reflector bracket on the extended 
boom, screw or rivet (not supplied) in the existing holes
- install the bracket for the 40 meter driven element to the C-3, screws - 
rivets not supplied (I understand some C-3's were pre-drilled for this 
- assemble the 40 meter elements per the manual
- reposition the boom to mast bracket
- install the truss cable

These parts are 6 years old and except as noted are in excellent condition.  
The elements and boom pieces are disassembled and UPS shippable. The longest 
piece is 72 inches.

Current retail price for the C-4XL is $1,699, these parts are a bargain if 
you own a C-3 and want 40 meters on the same boom.

$350 plus boxing and shipping from 80814.

Will deliver 25 miles either side of I-25, Colorado Springs to Boulder, or 
can be picked up in Boulder or Teller County, Colorado.  Shipping weight, 
including box, will be in the vicinity of 37 pounds. If shipped, I intend to 
have the UPS Store build a cardboard box.

Cash, Money Order or PayPal.

Gene K5GS

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