[TowerTalk] 1942 aircraft radio question

Thu Jul 24 17:09:44 EDT 2008

Got this from a local kid who has visited here... anyone have an idea of
what it is off of?

I have a question for you.  While walking around the site of the 1942 
plane crash near Garnet Peak on the south end of town, someone picked up 
an oval shaped tag, put it in some solvent, and found that it read 
"THRES SENS" on one side and "LOOP GAIN" on the other.  I would assume 
this would be off some part of the plane's radio.  Do you have any idea 
what "THRES SENS" means or can you confirm it could be off the radio? 

from the web page: http://home.att.net/~jbaugher/1942_1.html
I can give you the usaaf serial numbers:

42-6455/6504		Douglas C-53-DO
				c/n 4907/4956
	6463 (c/n 4915) crashed Oct 10, 1942 east of Garnet Peak, Peru, MA.

And it was big news at the time:

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