[TowerTalk] Linear loaded KE4UYP vertical

Marinus Loewensteijn zl2ml at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 24 19:04:59 EDT 2008

Long time lurker here but I have a question that I do not seem to be able to answer satisfactory.

At the moment I have 44 foot doublet up for 80 and 40 and am wanting to move away from a balanced feeder to coax. I am thinking of putting a scaled version of the above antenna up for 40 first before 80m. 

If it is totally a disaster then I may put up a rotatable dipole lke the Cushcraft D40 or Hy-gain Discoverer 7-1. 

Due to size restrictions and to the location of TV satelite dishes of both myself and close neighbours I cannot put up anything larger than this. 

I wonder if any of the TowerTalkatonians has opinions or experience with this antenna. ( members.tripod.com/~KE4UYP/80m_160m_Antenna.html) 

Many thanks in advance, 73 Marinus ZL2ML ..
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