[TowerTalk] Dumb rotator question

Michael Fox (K5MEF) k5mef at mefox.org
Fri Jul 25 12:38:49 EDT 2008

I feel really dumb asking this, but here goes.  Be gentle!

I just purchased a Yaesu G-1000DXA.  Upon removing from the box, the base
unit appears to have two halves - top and bottom.  There is a raised index
mark on either side of the joint between the top and bottom.  On one side of
the joint, there are 4 screws which look like them might screw through to
the other side.  If that's so, I don't understand how the darn thing is
supposed to turn.

I don't see anything in the instructions about removing the screws so I
won't touch them until I can get some clarification.  Perhaps the screws do
not, in fact, secure the two halves together.  Even so, it looks like the
two halves would definitely rub since the outside casing on the top and
bottom touches all around the outside.

So, I don't get it.  What am I missing?

Michael - K5MEF

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