[TowerTalk] Ham's best friend: Idiom Press

AD5VJ Bob rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 25 19:17:08 EDT 2008

Has anyone in this guys geographical area thought about offering any volunteer help or donations??

It used to be in Ham Radio if someone lost an antenna and they were decent people of course and not some nut case, about 200 Hams
would show up unannounced with poles, towers, wires, cement, tools, ect ect ready to remedy the situation so that NONE SHOULD SUFFER
a blow.

I personally have given donations to Ham Websites that needed the help, and in years past equipment to Hams who lost theirs for
whatever reason (I dont even remember now)

What is the difference if it is someone who is serving our community, can we not offer help instead of criticisms, I have owned my
own business before and it can get sticky - but it doesn't mean the owner is sticky, just the present state of affairs that are
sticky, let's be more gracious and less nauseous.

Looks like anymore when the barn burns down we throw on fire instead of water.

Let's think about this a little for those who seem to be without understanding.

Just my 2cents,

73 to all,

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> All that needs to be said is "ignorance is bliss".  People 
> are happier in their own secluded worlds, lying to 
> themselves.  Too much reality can be a killjoy.
> Doug
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