[TowerTalk] guying question

Gregg Seidl k9kl at centurytel.net
Fri Jul 25 19:40:31 EDT 2008

This is something kinda new to me.I'm going to use a torque bracket for the 
top most guy set on 2 of my towers.I've never used these before.It seems the 
bracket gets clamped around the tower.Do you need to put a U clamp under the 
bracket so it can't slide down under force.
    It seems to me if you tighten the bolts up enough to keep it from 
sliding down you could "crush" the tower legs,if you don't tighten them 
enough the bracket could slide down the tower legs under pressure.
    What am I missing??  Gregg K9KL    www.k9kl.com 

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